Welcome to the website of B2 Alford

The website is now into its sixth year. It was designed to give people a brief insight into life at one pump retained station. The sight includes a section on who we are and what we do when not fire fighting. There's a section on the truck and its contents although the locker pictures may not be up to date as equipment is moved as new equipment is added.
Other sections contain information on turnouts we have attended over the last four years, a few old black and white photos of days gone by, photos of incidents and events we have attended. There is also a few pages on the town of Alford itself and the surrounding area that we cover.

Whats New at B2

Site last updated 08/12/2005
The festive season is upon once again. A period when everyone wants to eat drink and be merry. This will make it more difficult than normal to keep the pump fully manned. Still one good thing Santa is bringing us a new Thermal Imaging Camera. Merry Christmas one and all